Boots & Bullsh*t

This is your life...

Eamon Andrews was presenting his television programme, live on camera, ‘This is your life’ complete with his red book with all the contributors seated around in the studio. The celebrity was the Battle of Britain, Polish fighter pilot, Flight Sergeant Joe Walensky. The interview went something like this……

“Joe Walensky… WW2 fighter pilot ace … shot down 9 enemy aircraft …tell us the story of how you shot down two in one day”. Joe responded:

“….I was stationed at Hawkinge when two German Fokker’s woke me up straffing our airfield….I raced for my kite thinking I would not let these two Fokker’s get away. By the time I got aloft the Fokker’s were disappearing over the horizon but I was determined to get them…..” Then he went on to explain how the Fokker’s turned and weaved and how glad he felt when he saw one of the Fokker’s go down in flames. The other then turned to avenge his mate. Just about every other word was Fokker… Eamon, with a degree of embarrassment, interjected with…. “For the benefit of the viewers…and to explain…..Joe is talking about FOCKE-WULF the German fighter bombers…..” To which Joe came in…. “NO THEY WEREN’T! THESE TWO FOKKER’S WERE MESSERSSCHMITTS!!

Charles Goulder MBE. Westhoughton, Lancs.

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