Boots & Bullsh*t

Two from a Colonel

While a Royal Corps of Transport driver in the Gulf War was transporting a disabled tank with its Squadron Leader commander and crew he jokingly referred to them as ‘Tankies’. The Squadron Leader sternly retorted, “Driver, I am NOT a ‘Tankie’ but an officer of the Household Cavalry”.

Taking the officer to the rear of the low loader trailer the driver pointed to a dark patch under the tank and asked, “Excuse me sir, is that black stuff dripping from your tank onto the deck of my trailer oil or horse-shit?”


2005 - UP YOURS SIR! 22.

At the Adjutant General Corps participation during the 60th Anniversary celebrating the end of WW2 the AGC Standard Bearer S/Sgt., with many campaign medals, was in the Courtyard of Buckingham Palace. He was approached by an officer of the Brigade of Guards who cracked, “How come a clerk has so many medals?” The S/Sgt. swiftly replied, “I’ve been out here doing the business while you’ve been in there sucking up to the Royals…….SIR!!”

Colonel (Rtd) K M Tutt OBE. - Regimental Secretary & Museum Director, AGC HQ.

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