Get Some In!!


As a Londoner I was in the Royal Navy during WW2. After the war I emigrated to the USA where I have since made my home.

Going ashore one night in Liverpool I'd been out dancing and having had a few drinks. Walking back to the ship in the black-out the sirens sounded warning of an air-raid. Bombs were soon dropping thick and fast with exploded buildings were being blown out with falling red hot shrapnel and fires rapidly spreading. I was running in and out of shop door entrances seeking the best shelter I could. Taking a breather in one door way I looked across and, 'My God! '……a lady was lying crumpled up in the middle of the road. I took a chance, dashed over and knelt beside her, “Are you all right?” With no reply I shouted more clearly over the bombing, “Lady, are you all right!” then turning her over on her side. To my absolute astonishment it was a fully clothed mannequin that had been blown out of a nearby woman's clothing store. Feeling a fool I daren't tell a soul when getting back to the ship.

Former Able Seaman Ernest Baker RN, Moorestown, NJ, USA.

Get Some In!! can be purchased as a book with all proceeds shared by
The Royal Leicestershire Regimental Museum Appeal Fund and the Royal British Legion.