Get Some In!!


During the war the RAF took over the Daimler Agency in Russell Square London. I was assigned as part of detachment whose job it was to service and maintain the cars used by the Air Ministry in Whitehall. Occasionally we were required to service vehicles at night.

On one particular occasion a car was due in at 02.30hrs scheduled for use again at 07.30hrs that morning. The Sergeant and I were waiting for the car to arrive.

A prostitute approached offering her services. When we declined she begged saying, "I'm desperate, my rent is due in the morning and I've got no money". A little later she again passed with a chap on her arm and I shouted "Hooray!"

Ten minutes later when she walked by I said, "You've got your rent now then? "Like buggery!" she replied, "He was a local copper and that one was on the house!"

Ex-RAF L.A.C. J. Kircher. Rainham, Kent.

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