Rank Humour


1943 and I was a serving WREN. Going on leave I left my base at R.N.A.S. Machrihanish, Argyll at 10.00hrs one morning and arrived in York the following morning at 03.30hrs. York railway station was cold and in pitch darkness. The blackout of course.

I could hear men's voices talking and laughing loudly some distance away and recognised a familiar voice which I had not heard from for over two and a half years. Being unable to sense the direction from which the talking came I ran up to the bridge across the platforms under the station canopy and shouted at the top of my voice, "Is that Tom Hutchinson?" "Aye" came the reply, "Who is that?" Shouting back I Said, "This is Dorothy, where are you?" "Near the buffet" replied Tom.

It was my Dad who I had not seen for over three years as he had been called up for the navy in 1939 and had been 'Somewhere in the Atlantic.'

He'd never seen me in uniform. I duly joined him in the buffet where we enjoyed a 'jar' of tea - no cups were available. We then went to our train where Dad produced a warming 'tot' -the first rum I'd ever tasted. It was only then I stopped shivering.

0700hrs we arrived home in Whitby, a wonderful welcome surprise for Mum and the rest of the family. A very happy reunion and leave.

PS: I still like my rum!!!

Ex L/Wren Mrs. D. Baker, Evington, Leicester.

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