Rank Humour


My late husband was 1006342 Sgt. Sharples of The Queen's Royal Regiment which had advanced into Germany after 'D Day'. During a period of respite they dug in close to a farm. While resting and taking in the surrounding scenery he and his pal saw a farmer rounding up some ducks. My husband agreed to catch one if his mate would pluck it. After all the necessary preparation, having lit and stoked the fire the lovely menu smelling good and practically ready for serving in their mess cans. Their appetite, peace and temporary tranquillity was promptly disturbed by the appearance of an enormously fat farmer's wife in an obvious state of agitation. Armed with a 6ft long pitch fork coupled with a tirade of German verbal abuse, which neither understood, she pierced the COOKING (so he said!) duck and boldly walked away with it!

Mrs. Doris Sharples, Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire.

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