Stand Easy

Magic Moment

Towards the end of 1947 I was stationed with my Regiment the 76th (Highland) Field Regt in a small mining community near Essen in the Rhur Valley of Germany.

We were informed there was to be an evenings entertainment provided by a German civilian group. Most of us who were not on duty turned up for the event. During the course of the evening a magician appeared on stage and proceeded to make various small items disappear. Part way through his act he stopped and asked for a volunteer helper from the audience. Several groups volunteered their friends. However, there was one very persistent voice who insisted on the volunteering the RSM. We were all rather surprised to find the voice belonged to a little Cockney fellow, not the best of gunners, who seemed to have an almost constant running battle with the RSM.

Prompted by barracking from the main audience the RSM eventually agreed to go on stage and stood there for a moment with what passed for a smile on his face until the same loud Cockney voice shouted to the magician, "Now then mate, let's see you make that b****** disappear.

The whole audience, including the Colonel, collapsed with laughter. Even the RSM himself smiled.

Mr. A.L. Groom, ex-Gunner 14156324 Fife Fld. Bty. (42 Fld Regt RA). Conwy, LL32 8NE.

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