Stand Easy

Have Guide Dog, Will Swim

I used to take my guide dog from the office to London's Regents Park every lunch time for a free run. She would wear a collar with a bell so that I could hear where she was. Meanwhile, I would walk free along a path with one foot on the grass and the other on the tarmac to keep my direction.

One day, for a change of scenery, I decided I would walk back on the opposite side of the path. I was searching for the edge of the path with my foot and suddenly I was chest deep in the boating pond!

Feeling a right Charlie, I lost the lead but managed to retain the harness and so make my soggy way down the Marylebone Road back to the office, who then took me home for a set of dry clothes.

I can assure you that the water in November was both very cold and wet!

Ray Hazen. St. Dunstan's Centre for Blind Ex-Serviceman and Women, Ovendean, Brighton

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