Stand Easy

A Couple of Wogs

My father-in-law Major Joe Youle, RAMC, was Registrar at the Egypt BMH (British Military Hospital). On one occasion he received a road traffic accident report (FMT 3 Rev) from one of his ambulance drivers involved in an accident on Canal Road. The other vehicle was a Rolls Royce with none other than King Farouk as the passenger. It read something like this … date, time, place etc …. ' …and inside were two wogs whose names were King Farouk and Ali Ismael'. The Major sent it back to the driver advising him that this was an official document and that he should re-submit his report not calling King Farouk a wog. Back it came, amended to read, '… I asked their names … they were King Farouk and another wog called Ail Ismael.

Major J. Youle. Retired.

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