Stand Easy

The Great Escape

One Friday afternoon after finishing a demanding week of training, 40 Commando Royal Marines was warned for a short notice operational deployment. All leave was stopped and everybody confined to barracks until further notice.

A very attractive young woman drove up to the barrier to leave the barracks. Because she was on her own the sentry was about to wave her on and raise the barrier when a military Land Rover crashed into the back of her car. The boot lid popped up revealing a marine curled up inside. After being fished out and marched off to the guardroom it transpired that he had a Cup Final ticket for Wembley next day and determined not to miss the match had persuaded his girl friend to come and collect him.

The 'flap' died down later and everyone departed on a well-earned week-end; except of course the 'Great Escaper' who spent it in the guardroom.

Gen. Julian Thompson. Falklands Brigade Commander.

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